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Construction Estimating Services

What Do We Offer?

Nedes Estimating offers high-quality and ongoing support for your construction projects. We actually streamline the whole building project by estimating the budget and managing all necessities accordingly. If you are searching for a cost-effective solution, you must understand what kind of construction estimating services you can get from us.

Residential Estimating Services

Our construction estimating firm has been delivering precise and on-point residential estimates for many years. Whether you are interested in a single-family or multi-family residential building plan, we will get you covered efficiently. Likewise, our team is experienced in both new construction and renovation projects.

Commercial Estimating Services

With our estimating services for builders, we provide top-notch commercial construction estimates since we understand that measuring materials and calculating the budget of a commercial construction project is a complex task. We utilize our expertise and implement industry knowledge to meet your building desires.

Industrial Estimating Services

Whether you are working in the oil industry or chemical industry, we have years of experience and can comprehensively work on your budget sheet. We use the latest tools and software to calculate accurate budgets to meet your expectations.

Freelance Estimating Services

Nedes Estimating is one of the top construction estimating companies in Australia. Our agency has a strong and long history of working ar. We equip our clients with pocket-friendly and reliable estimating solutions so that they can fulfill their dreams efficiently.

Blueprint Estimating Services

Our estimators offer dependable blueprint estimating services to builders. With our support, they can understand the hidden differences between estimates and choose the best contractor for their projects. Ultimately, we optimize your construction projects without letting you waste money on expensive software and training sessions.

MEP Estimating Services

At our leading company, we offer detailed MEP construction estimating services to fulfill your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs. From bid estimates to MEP drafting, we offer all services and try to furnish our clients with reliable and professional solutions.

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Need for Construction Estimating Services

Accuracy plays an important role at the point when a contractor and his client discuss a construction project. First, accurate and authentic estimates keep a construction project on track. Second, you can avoid costly activities and replace them with optimized options. Likewise, it helps in avoiding delays and completing the project within time boundaries. You can also control your budget and make good decisions for your construction project.

Well, all these features are essential for the success of any building project. If you are searching for a reputable company for estimating services in Australia, you must get in touch with the experts of Nedes Estimating AU. Our reliable team will definitely hit an accurate budget and show you the right path for the ultimate success of your construction plan.

Your Ultimate Estimating Partners

Why Choose Nedes Estimating AU?

According to research, many contractors lose over $250,000 per month due to a lack of time for estimation and low-quality bids. It’s time to take a deep breath and join hands with Nedes Estimating AU. Our professionals will create accurate and precise budget sheets for high-quality bidding. We are dedicated to bringing our partners to the next level by furnishing them with comprehensive estimates. You must choose us for construction estimating services since we are the leading ones in the industry.

Quick Response

Our team understands the value of time for contractors and therefore never puts them on the waiting list. Our customers can get in touch with our estimators’ team between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for prompt solutions.

In-Depth Analysis

Accuracy is an essential part of our estimates. Therefore, take the proper time to understand project specifications and equip our clients with the desired solutions.


We are outstanding because our estimators always deliver understandable and clear estimates to contractors and builders.


Our team does not only optimize your construction budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses, but we also solve your construction issues at a cost-effective rate.

Do you need assistance from a professional estimator? Why not Nedes Estimating AU? Our company can efficiently make things easy for you.

Our Clients Feedback

According to our existing clients, we are your dedicated partners who always fulfill your desires and meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

During construction estimation, our estimators take advantage of the latest tools and software for proper management and accurate estimates. The software and tools we use include:

  • Xactimate
  • Trimble
  • PlanSwift
  • Bluebeam
  • FastDuct
  • FastPipe
  • Quest

The expert estimators at Nedes Estimating AU normally get back to their clients within 24-48 hours. It means we are your dedicated partners who always stick to time boundaries and manage activities wisely.

Yes, we understand that modification is common practice when dealing with a construction project. Therefore, we always provide ongoing support and make changes to your plan according to updated plans.

Nedes Estimating AU has a long list of projects they have successfully estimated. These projects include residential, commercial, and industrial ones. You can contact our team without the restriction of project type. We can efficiently deal with all kinds of construction projects.

If you want to get started with us today, visit our Contact Us page, choose the method (phone call, email, or office visit), and talk to our professional estimators. We will equip you with excellent estimating services and enable you to make good decisions for your project’s success.

Build your trust by experiencing our excellent estimating services. We will definitely increase the value of your projects!

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